Leo and Manu performing on the beach
Les Eaux des Naples by Bleu Toucan - Plastic Horse

Bleu Toucan are a winged duo from Paris created by Léo and Manu.
The two musicians have a passport to a far-off country, a sovereign and independent state that worships the mythical god “Le Bleu Toucan”.

Les Eaux de Naples is set on an imaginary island in this far-off place where anything is possible. Our aim was to let the flow of the song design the journey we took.

Some sections of the music felt expansive and like a large open landscape, others felt more intimate or mysterious like floating in a river or being inside a giant toucan head. Flowers, fruit, water, statues and the weather were used like musical layers to create environments that mirror the instruments and arrangements.

Featured in Arty ParisLe meilleur des clips de l’été

Bleu Toucan

Les Eaux des Naples (2020)

Commissioned by

Pentagon MGMT

Directed, illustrated and animated by

Plastic Horse

Les Eaux des Naples by Bleu Toucan - Plastic Horse
Falling fruit
Manu statue head
Silhouettes running through arches
Close up toucan statue eye
Trees on a hill
The Crookers Trilogy
Superstripe – Plastic Horse x Patternity