Giuseppe poster on the hills
Jeremih and the apparition stare into the lemon
The Crookers Trilogy by Plastic Horse

Able to Maximize
As a familiar bearded face washes onto shore, an Irish apparition summons maximisation from his pipes. A bull back journey through blue hills, lemon trees and cypresses leads us to desolate streets where Victorian hummus addicts will do anything for another pot.

Picture This ft. Dilligas
Wading through lemon juice and a tomato based sauce we follow our hero as he tries to escape the never-ending tunnel. But what awaits him – a pizza perhaps? Can Gustavo get his crumbs?

I Just Can’t ft. Jeremih
The crowds gather to mourn the loss of their beloved Phra. Volunteers from Hummus Corp oversee a chick pea send off as his youthful body is put under the ground. Jeremih is welcomed to the stage and if anyone in the yard wasn’t crying yet, by the time he delivers his poignant words, the tears are flowing by all within range of the speakers. In a strange way, within minutes the crowd are almost happy that Phra has passed, as the musical performance is breathtaking.

All music by Crookers

Ciao Recs

Directed, illustrated and animated by

Plastic Horse

Hummus overdose
Jeremiah arrival in limo
Giuseppe photographs
Archway man
Hummus eyes
Hawk take off
Able to Maximize titles
Able to Maximize titles
Archway man
Street Lights – Paul White ft. Danny Brown
Les Eaux de Naples – Bleu Toucan