We are an animation duo based in Bristol and Ramsgate, UK.

Our work combines hand-drawn illustration with texture and digital tinkering. We like our pixels to be supercharged with energy, vibrating with colour and morphing and distorting. We enjoy finding humour in unexpected and unnecessary places and getting lost in imaginary worlds full of curious characters and mysterious landscapes.

We handle every aspect of an animated video: writing scripts, storyboarding, illustrating and animating our work as well as providing music and sound design.

In 2019, we released B•O•M by NCHX, marking the start of Plastic Horse as a record label as well as an animation studio. A platform for us to collaborate with musicians we love curating releases, creating artwork and animating videos without limits.

Since 2022, we have also been one half of Grand Motion with creative agency Grand Matter, working with their illustration roster and overseeing animation projects for their clients.


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