Thrusters landscape
Nochexxx racing mask zip up
Thrusters by Nochexxx - Plastic Horse

Staring blankly at civilisation through a pair of binoculars is the frail, masked man ‘Nochexxx’.

Longing for the glory years when his life was like a game played in boss mode, he now lives in isolation, fuelled by carrots and cigarettes with carnage flashbacks interrupting his already torturous existence. What happened that fateful day on the race track? What answers are there outside his window? Will we ever see the real Nochexxx rise from the shadows?

A short film inspired by the album ‘Thrusters’ by Nochexxx (2014)

Ramp Recordings

Directed, illustrated and animated by

Plastic Horse

Fly on a newspaper
Nochexxx having a foot spa
GTO drive
Nochexxx in hospital after a bad crash
Spinning duck head
Nochexxx's drawer
Nochexxx stares out the window
Nochexxx racing mask zip up
Charro – Nochexxx
G-Mode / UEFA Champions League – Gatorade