Tenderlonious ft. The 22archestra – The Shakedown
Tenderlonious ft. The 22archestra – The Shakedown

The Shakedown is the lead track from Tenderlonious’s debut album of the same name, featuring The 22archestra (a dream team of top talent, rounded-up after Tenderlonious was invited to record at Abbey Road Studios). Our video follows Tenderlonious as he drives across late night London to the Jazz Club, seeking an answer to why he still hasn’t been paid for last week’s show.

Ed (Tenderlonious) Cawthorne originally came to us with a film script based on the track and our piece tries to capture the essence of his original vision with the late night mood, mysterious characters and sense of suspense but adapted through a Plastic Horse lens.

It obviously comes naturally for Tenderlonious to see music visually as he mentioned in a recent interview with the Vinyl Factory

“When I describe the music to the guys in the band, I’ll describe a scene to them, like we’re on some alleyway, and it’s dimly light, there are a couple of shady characters… I was never educated talking about music as diminuendo or crescendo, so for me it’s about describing the music as it would feel in the scene, as if I was writing it for a film.”

Commissioned by 22A Music (2018)
Music by Tenderlonious ft. The 22archestra
Directed, illustrated and animated by Plastic Horse