Inside a bottle bin
Skeletal bird on a chimney pot
La Saison des Pluies by Ramo ft. Loïc Fleury - Plastic Horse

Ramo the toucan-headed man navigates the scorching streets of Paris in search of water to bring the city back to life.

La Saison Des Pluies translates as ‘The Rainy Season’ and follows the journey of this desperate character looking to save the city from turning into a desert wilderness. Park chairs melt, bollards wilt and tree trunks lay across dry earth as skeletal birds watch on from orange chimney pots above. The balloons were biodegradable.

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Ramo ft. Loïc Fleury

La Saison Des Pluies (2020)


Pentagon MGMT

Directed, illustrated and animated by

Plastic Horse

Ramo ft. Loïc Fleury
Wilting flower
Dried out canal
Inside a bottle bin
Wilted Eiffel Tower
Ramo cycling downhill in Paris
Ramo the toucan headed man in a Parisian park
Empty pond
Wilted bollards
G-Mode / UEFA Champions League – Gatorade
Street Lights – Paul White ft. Danny Brown