Love Ssega – Pray for Love
Love Ssega – Pray for Love

Debut music video for Love Ssega’s ‘Pray For Love’, taken from his Minds EP which is out now via Hometown Records / Sony. Channelling a mix of New Wave, 80s hip-hop and NYC disco into smart modern pop, Love Ssega draws on an evocative point in sound and culture far removed from the Lewisham borough in which he was raised.

Our main inspiration came from the layers and rhythms in the track and trying to capture that same movement and energy. We tried to mirror the way Ssega’s voice sits amongst the instrumentation by dropping him amongst animated patterns and shape sequences that were synced to the music. It always felt natural to be bold and playful with colour and hand drawn designs – and from meeting Ssega and getting to know his influences, it reinforced that. We also wanted there to be some continuity to the EP sleeve artwork designed by Tom Hingston & Rhonda Drakeford.

Artist: Love Ssega
Title: Pray For Love
Directors: Plastic Horse & Geoffrey Taylor
Producer: Hannah Partington
Production Company: Plastic Horse
Styling: Ntongo Kiwanuka
Grading: Holly Greig, Finish

You can download the track on Spotify here