Crookers ft. Jeremih – I Just Can’t
Crookers ft. Jeremih – I Just Can’t

The crowds gather to mourn the loss of their beloved Phra. A charming photograph capturing his trademark grin glistens in the Sicilian sunlight, masking taped on top of his coffin for all eternity. Volunteers from Hummus Corp oversee a chick pea send off as his youthful body is put under the ground.¬†Jeremih is welcomed to the stage and if anyone in the yard wasn’t crying yet, by the time he delivers his poignant words, the tears are flowing by all within range of the speakers. In a strange way, within minutes the crowd are almost happy that Phra has passed, as the musical performance is breathtaking.

The only stain on this wonderful day is the uninvited arrival of Giuseppe and his goons. Not content with the extreme wealth their crooked organisation has accumulated, they feel the need to gatecrash this most sensitive of burials and rub salt in the hummus, do they have no shame?

Directed, illustrated and animated by Plastic Horse
Commissioned by Ciao Recs